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Welcome to your new 5D world! Feel free to participate in our community. Your profile will be admitted manually. So it may take a while before you have access or that a photo is approved. We do this for your safety and because we only want to admit real and conscious people.

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Upcoming events

I got a SURPRISE for you in July & August 2022. It’s going to be the Summer of Love! ☀️The S...
LOVE PARADE at Parallel Fest
SUMMER OF LOVE After two years of divide and rule, lockdowns and virtual meetings, it's now time fo...
Eva van Zeeland Jul 16, 10:00AM
The Great Cosmic Show
The Great Cosmic Show is voor iedereen die zijn bewustzijn wil verruimen binnen het universum van vr...
Eva van Zeeland Aug 6, 10:00AM
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