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Monique Appels ONE LOVE
Even though I try to get free of identifying myself with labels, it's good that people know what you are about. Especially since I am open for dating a like-minded guy, it is good to know that when you are a notorious meat-eater we probably won't match.

I am a vegan. For the animals. That is my major motivation. I consider myself even an animal activist and my purpose is to end suffering for all animals. Every change you want to make in this world, starts with changing yourself. So as of February 2019, I am vegan. And I love raw food. Every now and then I like something warm and then I treat myself with a vegan burger, fries and vegan mayonaise. 
But I am practical as well. If someone invites me for dinner and they make something vegetarian - which I consider a nice try if you are a meat-eater - then I would mind eating something made of milk, eggs or butter. I love my friends and if you make an effort then I appreciate it.

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