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Tobias van der Meer
Pink Floyd was the first to trigger me as a teenager, with songs like ''we dont need no education'' also the movie ''Pink Floyd The Wall'' was good for my awakening. When I started my university study I realised this was to much bullshit for me, also this year I learned about the date 21-12-2012. Funny thing is, my mother always mentioned to me as a kid when it was 21:12 on the clock and I had to go sleep. So i've always had a special feeling for this date. From 2012-2013 I researched some of the things ''why'' and came to the horrible conclusion this world is fucked up. Now that we hit 2020 and the global awakening, im flowing on a big wave of positive energy. Even due I have some ascention symptons aswell, learning new things everyday. Who ever is reading this, hope you are doing fine <3 
Monique Appels ONE LOVE
My awakening journey started in 1991 when I saw the movie 'JFK' by Oliver Stone. Very controversial in those days. If you can watch it somewhere, please do. It suddenly hit me: this was not an ingenious plan by Lee Harvey Oswald. The movie takes you a little bit down the rabbit hole; a good start. 
Then came Princess Diana's death, 911 and whatever major event we encountered the last 40 years. 

My further awakening accelerated during 2020. Before I had no idea about human trafficking on a tremendous scale and never heard of satanic rituals with children. 
I do still remember the movie 'Eyes Wide Shut' but this was science fiction, right? This could never happen in real life? Just like 'The Matrix', this movie was very close to a documentary.
Now I know that our world isn't what we were told it was.

Five years ago - after ending a very toxic relationship - my spiritual awakening started. I read 'The power of now', became a huge fan of Eckhart Tolle and read, watched and listen to everything I could get my hands on. I started meditation and yoga and learned about the Schumann Resonance, Christina von Dreien and the Galactic Federation. 
In January 2021 is started a course in Astrology and my goal is to do 12 courses this year to further develop my spiritual awakening. 

Please tell me your story. 

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